Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Corinne in Black & Teal

"The Corinne Toque"
in Black and Teal Wool
with Coordinating Button

Gorgeous Coordinating Button

"The Corinne: Toque Fits an Average Adult/Teen Woman's Head (22" - 23")
Color: Black with Teal Buttoned Band and Fun Coordinating Button
Yarn Composition: 100% Wool 4-Ply Yarn
Care Instructions: Wash by Hand with Gentle Detergent, No Bleach, Roll in Towel and Gently Press to Squeeze Out Excess Water, Do NOT Wring or Twist, Lay Flat on a Towel, Reshape and Air Dry
$40.00 + Shipping & Handling GIFTED

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