Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Kristin

"The Kristin" Toque with Flower

Lime Green Toque
with Four-Layered-Petaled Flower
and Dark Pink Button

A Beautiful, Soft, Natural Bamboo
Heirloom-Quality Toque

Fits Average Adult Woman's Head (22 - 23 inches)
Color: Limey with Lotus (Pink) Flower and Dark Pink Button
Yarn Composition: 77% Bamboo, 23% Polyamide
Care Instructions: Hand Wash or Handwash Setting (NOT Delicate) on Washing Machine, No Bleach, Tepid to Cold Water. Do Not Wring or Twist! Roll Beanie in Fluffy Towel, Pressing Gently to Remove Excess Water; Lay Flat on Dry Fluffy Towel to Reblock and Air Dry
$32.00 + Shipping & Handling
Only 1 in Stock!  SOLD!


  1. This hat is darling! I live in Orlando, so we never need hats, but I remember having my favorite knit hats when I lived in Minnesota 20 years ago. I miss being able to hide a bad hair day, a cute hat and a little lipstick and I was good to go!


  2. Thanks, Carol! It was fun to make. I named it after my daughter because it reminds me of her. I used to live in South Florida, so I know what you mean about not needing hats very often. Minnesota would be a perfect environment for a cute, warm hat! Thanks for stopping in!


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